Future of Strategy 2022: Mehak Jaini on India’s marketing evolution, defining value and the talent conundrum

Describe the type of strategist you hire for today. What are the skills, expertise and attitudes you look for? Anything particular for India that stands out?

As the Head of Digital Strategy for the group for the last two years, my hiring strategy has evolved. I look for a healthy mix of brand and digital strategists. With more and more clients looking to build brands online, I look for bright minds that are nimble, insightful, comfortable with new age tools, data and techniques, and most importantly curious about the world around them. We do also seek out specialists – like business analysts, data analysts, social listening experts, CX strategists and digital transformation mavericks – to staff the agency and client teams as per need.

In India, the startup wave is becoming more and more prominent. With home-grown Indian brands seeking to grow through brand-first, digital ecosystem-based marketing, strategists who have an appreciation of both brand and business-led thinking as well as connections and digital strategy will be sought.

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