Honesty, humility and patience are just as important as digital ads, targeted ads and technology: Aditya Kanthy

As the advertising and marketing community aims to focus more on speed results, growth, rationality and the belief that technology can change everything, Aditya Kanthy, CEO and MD, DDB Mudra Group, shared how he has to be careful before uttering the words – emotion, doubt, slow and long term.

Stating that these words are actually what creates real impact, he said, “At least in a conversation about responsibility, scale, inclusion and experience, I might get away with the argument that technology is simply not enough. This is if you’re serious about making a difference in the world in a meaningful way.

However, Kanthy agreed that in the world of brands, technology can play a remarkable role, but an even better one, if applied to the lenses of culture, stories and values.

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