The rowing champion who is steering DDB

When caught up with Marty O’Halloran, Global Chief Executive Officer, DDB, the Australian advertising executive and rowing champion had just moved into the US post his elevation.

In a freewheeling discussion O’Halloran speaks about the importance of being a team player to win the sport of advertising. “Rowing is a very competitive sport,” he says, comparing it with his other passion, advertising. He adds, “For me it’s all about winning irrespective of the competition and having the right team in place to win.”

Speaking of the threat from the digital universe to the advertising business, O’Halloran said that his priority was to unlock the power of some of those platforms and harness the strategic and creative capabilities of DDB with the aid of some of the tech leaders.
O’Halloran emphasises that DDB has to become a magnet for the best talent in the industry and adds that the best campaigns according to him are the ones that manage the perfect blend of creativity and effectiveness.
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