Bumble helps far away couples to connect in the lockdown

Bumble - Love Will Find a Way

2020 was not the year for love. Or physical connections. Couples struggled with loneliness and touch deprivation after weeks and months of isolation.

So, Bumble stepped in, to kickstart some hearts and remind people about the persistence of love, by celebrating the few resilient couples of 2020. Who were re-writing the rules of love, without even meeting each other.

We created a video-essay that showed the entire arc of a lockdown relationship – new beginnings, fights, break-ups, make-ups – but with the new language of love. One that comprised of pixelated video calls, texts, DMs, memes, gifs, Instagram filters and more.

The brand experienced a lot of love too. Impressions were through the roof which boosted brand awareness and consideration. Usage statistics showed there was a significant spike in voice and video calls on the app. People were spending more time on the app – talking, connecting, growing closer despite the distance. That’s a win in our eyes.