The Phyllis India Project

The Phyllis India Project is a comprehensive training program that includes a customized career plan for each participant based on their goals and development needs. The program transcends the boundaries of the professional sphere by helping participants navigate mental and societal challenges such as experiencing motherhood guilt-free, overcoming the imposter syndrome, courage and self-belief, making your voice heard and other important themes.

Created with the fundamental belief that consistent effort and focus is needed to drive real change, the program stands on the 4 pillars of personalised mentoring, training for upskilling, inspiration and community building.

Inspired by the legendary Phyllis Robinson – DDB’s first copywriter and the first female copy chief in U.S. history – the program lays the groundwork for a community of women leaders that support and inspire each other in their journeys. Phyllis broke all the rules and opened doors for many women (and men) who followed. She promoted an atmosphere of creative freedom and respect where people had the opportunity to take chances and where diverse opinions were valued and nurtured.

  • 41

    potential women leaders enrolled

  • 141 +

    mentoring sessions

  • 53

    group sessions completed

  • 15

    participants saw a tangible increase in their portfolio and role

Batch of 2021-22

Women Leadership Program of the Year

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Touted as the best leadership program in the Omnicom network

Mentor of the Year - Vanaja Pillai