Sharing the comfort of honest conversations and food with Dhara

Dhara – Khaane Pe Kehna

In our decades-long partnership, Dhara has stood the test of time given changing consumer preferences and rising competition, only to emerge stronger. DDB Mudra Group was the creative partner to Dhara for the iconic 1980s ‘Jalebi’ ad that made Dhara a household name and cemented its position in the Cooking Oil category. The unforgettable jingle, ‘Dhara Dhara, Shudh Dhara’ has also stayed with the brand since then.

With its new proposition of ‘Zara Sa Badlav’ (a small change), Dhara’s belief in small changes making a big impact is evident. It is in these micro moments of life centered around food where Dhara acts as a catalyst and encourages people to have real conversations over a meal.

Having good food together has the comforting ability to unlock uncomfortable truths.

The ‘Khaane Pe Kehna’ (Let’s talk over food) campaign is based on the insight that parents often believe that having access to their children’s lives and secrets is their right. Increasingly, trust deficit between parents and children is leading to multiple problems at a personal, familial, and societal level. Through mealtime conversations, Dhara encourages parents to earn their children’s trust rather than demand it.

The second leg of the campaign is based on the insight that people spend beyond their means to show their standing in society and love for their children. Dhara emphasized how the tradition of cooking sweets is a beautiful enough way to express love.