Stayfree turns 3 days of periods into 3 days of learning

Stayfree – Project Free Period

Unlike most women, commercial sex workers in India look forward to their periods. Because it’s the only time that they are not forced to work. It’s this insight that inspired Stayfree to turn 3 days of periods into 3 days of learning. The initiative not only helped sex workers reclaim their agency to rise above the exploitative sex trade, but also wove a powerful story of progress around periods.

The initiative impacted lives and solidified Stayfree’s commitment to eliminating deep-rooted taboos around periods. Millions took notice, over 1200 sex workers enrolled, and over 46000 days of periods turned into days of learning. Workshops in just one city generated a potential income of INR 4.5 million. Project Free Period helped women who had been systemically marginalized, reclaim their agency.

1 Gold, 1 Silver, 2 Bronzes (2018-2022)

1 Graphite Pencil, 1 Wood Pencil (2018)

2 Grand Prix, 1 Spike, 1 Gold, 2 Bronzes, 1 Glass (2018-2021)

Silver (2023)

3 Golds, 2 Bronzes (2018-2022)

1 Gold, 4 Silvers, 1 Bronze, 1 Crystal (2018-2019)

4 Acceptances (2021)

Bronze (2020)

4 Blue Elephants (2019)