Redefining the concept of value with Meesho

Meesho – #NoBiasInBusiness, Loon Ya Na Loon

As a new ecommerce player in a market dominated by established names with deep pockets, Meesho had a BAHG. Its ambition was to redefine the e-commerce category by establishing the promise of ‘lowest prices’ without frills. To create equity and trust amongst first-time online shoppers, our work focused on empowering mass India by bringing the convenience of online shopping to them and redefining the concept of value.

This involved connecting India directly to its small sellers, eliminating middlemen and ensuring low prices as a daily right. Meesho allowed people to pursue their wants and desires without compromising.

This successful strategy challenged the status quo forcing other players to pivot and bring in mass-India. Additionally, the brand bolstered small and medium businesses and celebrated the entrepreneurial spirit of women, providing them with opportunities to establish their identities through their own businesses.