DDB pays a tribute to Charlie Chaplin on his birthday

Charlie Chaplin Museum Foundation - A Silent Frown

In a world ravaged by a pandemic, a looming financial crisis and yet another global war, a major morale booster was the need of the hour. In association with the Charlie Chaplin Museum Foundation, DDB crafted a unique book capturing the untold horrific childhood story of the world’s most famous comedian, who grew up at a time when the world faced similar challenges.

The book, titled ‘A Silent Frown’, exemplifies how Chaplin kept his spirits high thanks to both, a love for spreading laughter and an unwavering belief that all troubles have an expiration date. Each meticulously illustrated page highlights a particular struggle of his early years, forming his visage when stacked together.

The book was presented to the world by Eugene Chaplin, the son of Charlie Chaplin himself, on the occasion of his birthday. It is available for purchase at the Chaplin’s World Museum in Switzerland.

Silver (2022)

3 Silvers (2023)

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2 Crystals (2022)

8 Blue Elephants (2019-2021)