The hustle that launched the Volkswagen Taigun

Volkswagen Taigun - #HustleModeOn

The Volkswagen Taigun was launched slowly across eight months, which is unusual for an automaker to do. Keeping audiences engaged for this time required solid strategy and the full force of our integrated capabilities. True to the campaign, we had to turn #HustleModeOn.

We moved away from the rugged, off-road narrative that’s come to define the SUV segment, and heroed the consumer instead – young go-getters who hustle to get their way. To build anticipation, leading car magazines and publications declared 2021 as the ‘Year of the Taigun’. And those who joined the Taigun Squad were treated to exclusive and early information, bookings and interactions. Influencers who fit the ‘hustle’ personality added to the buzz.

Communication across touchpoints and a rich media mix ensured that the campaign was always-on and always-new from pre-buzz, to bookings, to launch. It resulted in over a million enquiries from the Taigun Squad before bookings opened. Ninety thousand viewers watched the launch live, making it one of the five biggest live launches in the automobile category.