Stayfree breaks the silence around
periods in Indian families

Stayfree – It's Just a Period

71% of girls start their periods with no knowledge of what’s happening to them and the first lesson they learn is hiding their periods from others, especially from men. With the intent of normalising periods, Stayfree discovered that it wasn’t the young girls that perpetuated period taboos, it was everyone around them – mothers who asked girls to hide, fathers who stayed passive and silent. Collectively, they labelled periods as a woman’s problem, making the period experience isolating and traumatic.

In our decade long partnership with Stayfree, we’ve slowly and steadily built a narrative that normalises the conversation around periods and ends the shame, stigma and taboo that comes with it. We’ve laid great emphasis on bringing men into menstruation even before it begins. When they participate in the first period conversation, a young girl will feel no need to hide and will believe that it’s just a period.

Normalising conversations had a direct impact on Stayfree’s mid-premium segment that’s affordable, accessible and targeted at young girls across India’s small towns. Young girls embraced Stayfree and, for the first time in a decade, Stayfree’s mid-premium variant exceeded the competition.

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