Disney+ Hotstar ushers in a new age of cricket viewing

Disney+ Hotstar – IPL

The IPL is a cultural phenomenon. This mega sporting event gets everyone talking. Disney+ Hotstar wanted to take on television viewing and become the go-to destination for those tuning in to watch the games. TV offered the social experience of watching the IPL together with friends and family, while video-on-demand platforms were perceived to be suited for individual consumption. But the king of the small screen had a big ace up its sleeve.

A deep understanding of cricket-watching behaviour and a boost by India’s growing internet penetration helped Disney+ Hotstar redefine the social experience of watching cricket. Features like real-time chat, minigames and more, made watching the IPL a super social experience that didn’t need a gathering of friends and family, because they were just a click away.

People started to switch from TV to Disney+ Hotstar. Over a three-year period, active users climbed from approximately 130 million to more than 300 million.

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