Spotify has a playlist for every occasion

Spotify - #TheresAPlaylistForThat

Spotify is home to over 3 billion playlists. Think of an occasion, emotion or anything random, and you’re likely to find a playlist for that. But how do you drive relevance for playlists and get people to explore them? As a late entrant into India’s music streaming market, it took simple ideas, a bit of digital wizardry, and a mastery of social media to get people talking. Since its launch, we partnered with Spotify to help it become one of India’s fastest-growing digital brands.


Spotify has a playlist for every moment. There are also memes for every moment. We knew that if we had to get netizens to listen to us, we had to speak their language – memes.

We made a simple Twitter meme that went viral. At the end of the day, everyone knew about Spotify’s ability to get you the right playlist for the right moment.


As India’s biggest sporting event, it’s no secret that emotions run high during the IPL. Every ball elicits an emotion, and Spotify just so happens to have 3 billion playlists mapped to emotions.

During the IPL finals, Spotify had a playlist for every ball bowled. That’s 250 deliveries worth of playlists to own the limelight during the IPL.


World Music Day 2020 was arguably the internet’s busiest day of 2020, having to share the stage with Father’s Day, World Yoga Day, World Motorcycle Day, World Selfie Day and Donald Trump’s rally. For Spotify to stand out, it needed something ingenious.

We combined two universal languages – music and emojis. A clever Twitter algorithm mapped all 3400 emojis to corresponding playlists. People used their imagination, experienced Spotify’s intuitive recommendation engine, and had fun.

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