With Meta, where can’t we go together?

Meta – Collective Progress

Facebook’s new identity in India emerged as Meta – the umbrella containing – WhatsApp, Facebook, and Instagram. While each of these apps were beloved in isolation, the ask was for them to be recognized as a family. Our task was to find synergies between these three individually-strong apps and elevate them into one unified brand that would drive what Indians connected with the most – collective progress.

‘Where can’t we go together with Meta?’ highlights how its apps enable social connections and help people progress in life. It drove positive conversations, engaged people to share the content, and built positive sentiment for Meta as a family of apps, not each member in isolation.

In our other work for Meta, the ‘We Are in The Making’ campaign for Instagram played a pivotal role in the platform’s launch in India. It became one of the largest hyper-customized Instagram campaigns in the world and served as a blueprint for other geographies with similar complexities.