Building a legacy of feel-good moments with McDonald’s

McDonald’s - It’s Easy to Feel Good

A major contributor to McDonald’s consistent growth in the Indian fast-food market has been the consistent communication around feel-good moments. From the brand’s launch in India 26 years ago with ‘McDonald’s Mein Hai Kuch Baat’, to the ones you experience today; we have partnered with McDonald’s for over a decade to position it as a happy place that can lighten the seriousness of life.

Value, trust and safety, and good food paired with these happy moments have shown customers that it’s easy to feel good. With focused strategy and innovation, consumer research, social listening and cultural trendspotting, we stayed close to the changing times, making our brand idea relevant, contemporary and meaningful for all.

In 2022, McDonald’s achieved its pre-pandemic guest count again and recorded its highest ever sales in the last 25 years. Today, all of India is saying “I’m lovin’ it”.

1 Grand Prix, 2 Golds, 1 Silver, 3 Bronzes (2022)

1 Grand Prix, 2 Golds, 1 Silver, 3 Bronzes (2022)

1 Gold, 1 Silver, 3 Bronzes (2022)

1 Gold, 2 Silvers, 2 Bronzes (2021-2023)

Silver (2023)

1 Silver, 1 Bronze (2021)

1 Bronze (2022)

3 Blue Elephants (2021)

4 Acceptances (2022)

1 Bronze, 2 Crystals (2022)

No. 13 – Retail Category