Netflix invites you to a beautiful but eerie town in the hills

Netflix – Sironah Aaiye Na

Sironah – a fictitious town in the hills was the perfect setting for Netflix’s thriller, Aranyak. Much like the plot of the show, we wanted to keep people guessing right till the end.

We launched a tourism campaign for Sironah. It had its own ambassador, and travel influencers and booking websites touted it as the next must-visit destination. But people couldn’t find it on the map or the internet. Some who spotted the sinister easter eggs were reluctant to go, while others were excited to get to the bottom of this mystery.

The misdirection worked. Indians scoured the internet to find this imaginary hill station but found nothing. The campaign reached 8.2 million people in 48 hours. Aranyak was trending in India’s Top 10 for eight weeks straight, featured in top 10 lists across 13 countries and 50% of the total conversations generated for Aranyak, came from the campaign itself.